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Self-heating Ready to Eat Individual Meal —
"One Time Meal"

Short name: MRE-1

Self-heating Ready to Eat Individual Meal Individual meal (IM) with a flameless heater in a "One Time Meal" package. Indented for one meal.


1 Lean crackers (a 50 gram package, 8 pieces per package) 2 packages
2 Buckwheat with meatballs in soft polymer packaging 250 grams 1 package
3 Ground black pepper (1 packet - 0.3 grams) 1 piece
4 Salt ( packet 5 grams) 1 piece
5 Flameless self-heating packet to heat up ready to eat food 1 piece
6 Fruit jam (20 grams) 2 pieces
7 Meat pate (1 can 50 grams) 1 piece
8 Tomato sauce (10 gram package) 1 piece
9 Chocolate paste Lakomka(50 grams) 1 piece
10 Tea (packet) 1 piece
11 Special packet for flameless heating of water, for coffee or tea ** 1 piece
12 Sugar (20 gram packet) 3 pieces
13 Moist napkin 1 piece
14 Paper napkin 1 piece
* some elements of this list may be substituted with equivalents without advance notice
** will be added to the list in 2011

Main courses may be replaced with selections from the following assortment:

  • Rice pilaf with chicken
  • Beans with meatballs
  • Buckwheat with meatballs
  • Buckwheat with chicken filet

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Self-heating packet to heat food ready to eat!

Something no one has seen yet!
Only here: self-heating coffee, tea, coco

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