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Detailed Information on Self-Heating Meals

American Company P.I.T International offers you individual meals together with a flameless heater (FH). This product may be stored for 2 to 5 years, and needs no special storage conditions, such as refrigeration or freezing

This product may be used::

1. In extreme survival events, such as earthquakes, avalanches, remote and difficult to reach areas (the product may be delivered by air).
2. During military operations, lengthy periods of travel by the military, or training.
3. May be used as governmental food servers

The unique system of self-heating allows a person in extreme survival conditions to have ready hot food throughout the course of the relief operation.

In the past 2 years nearly 45 million packages have been sold, helping hundreds of people in emergency situations.

All packages are covered with a waterproof polymer, which helps preserve the product in outdoor conditions.

The package menu can also be changed according to the buyers wishes. The package may also be put together for single-time use, or for use throughout the day MRE.

Organizations that offer humanitarian aid, such as the Red Cross and other organizations delivered over 39.5 million such MRE to countries in need in 2007-2009.

MCHS (the Russian Ministry of Emergencies), Ministry of Defense, and government reserves of all European nations use these ready to eat individual self-heating meals (MRE) for their needs.

We offer a wide selection of MRE for long-term storage, which do not need freezing or refrigeration.

At this time the following selections have been introduced to the market (this list is constantly renewed):

  • Chicken pilaf
  • Meatballs with beans
  • Meatballs with buckwheat
  • Chicken fillet with buckwheat

MRE - Chicken pilaf
Chicken pilaf
MRE - Meatballs with beans
Meatballs with beans
MRE - Chicken fillet with buckwheat
Chicken fillet with buckwheat
MRE - Meatballs with buckwheat
Meatballs with buckwheat

The main courses are produced in soft polymer packaging in trays or pouches and weigh 250 grams.

polymer packaging



Self-heating packet to heat food ready to eat!

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