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Self-heating Beverages — Coffee, Tea, Coco

Carton box with a faucet and special flameless packet for heating.

Box makes 18 cups of coffee

Box makes 18 cups of assorted beverages

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A special container is filled with 3.75 liters of drinking water. The same container is filled with instant coffee (for an assorted beverage package, do not perform this step) this activates the heating element.

After 25-30 min. the hot beverage is ready 18 cups.

Water will remain hot for 3-4 hours.

One set contains:

  • A carton with water container and flameless heater for water
  • Water pouch for heating element activation
  • Instant drink (coffee, tea, etc)
  • 18 cups, sugar, dehydrated milk, mixing straws


  • Coffee (18 cups)
  • Combination package (18 cups total): 12 coffee, 3 tea, 3 coco

Drinking water not included.


Self-heating packet to heat food ready to eat!

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