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Meals-Ready-to-Eat Introduction

No general description has yet been formed for this unique product. It can be characterized in different ways:

  • Self-heating food
  • Individual Meal (IM) with a portable flameless heater (PFH)
  • Individual Self-heating Meal (ISHM)
  • Meal ready to eat (MRE)
  • Hot food in any place
  • Hot food in all conditions
  • Food for extreme living conditions
  • Travel ration
  • Travel food
  • Heated travel meal
  • Etc.

But the essence of the name does not change this product is food that is specially packed, has a long preservation term, and can be heated in all conditions. No matches or boiling water or any heat source is needed just regular water!

The food itself is environmentally clean and does not contain any additives for self-heating purposes. The heating effect is achieved by the self-heating packet, which is activated with the addition of 40 milligrams of water. In the process of heating, heat and steam are released.

The food itself is separated from the heating element with a hermetic seal (no contact with it).

You can learn more about this product in following sections:


Self-heating packet to heat food ready to eat!

Something no one has seen yet!
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