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American company PIT International, Inc specializes in development of self-heating ready to eat meal (MRE), including Individual Meals (IMs) for use in extreme survival conditions and emergencies. The products developed by our company are used in many countries of the world, saving lives of hundreds of people yearly.

One of the main goals of rescue organizations and Ministries of Emergencies consists of evacuating people from disaster areas in time. In most situations, there isnt an opportunity to evacuate people to well-equipped areas right away. Aside from providing adequate living conditions one of the main goals of relief crews is timely delivery of food to all the survivors. Often the absence of electricity, drinking water and food hinders the achievement of this goal.

With the development of new technologies came the opportunity to find a solution to this problem. This solution was found in self-heating meal, ready for consumption.

Developers had a number of important goals before them, most importantly, development of easy to use, safe product, guaranteed quality with no special conditions needed for storage, long-term storage options, and preservation of nutritional quality.

Our company offers the latest developments, fully in line with the aforementioned demands. Unparalleled patent-approved technology of the famous heating element enables 15 minute preparation of hot food. A wide assortment of ready to eat food is available to put together the precise combination of foods necessary in a given situation.

Self-heating meal is intended to sustain life in extreme situations for extended periods of time. High-quality natural foods used in its preparation, which is executed through the use of special technology, ensure that the foods can be preserved for 2 to 5 years without refrigerating or freezing.

Every year emergency responders in countries throughout the world, as well as various humanitarian organizations, like Red Cross Red Crescent, and Doctors without Borders deliver millions of self-heating products to disaster areas, saving thousands of lives.

These very same packets are used for rotational work bases on large offshore oil rigs, gas and mining stations, as well as by long-distance truck drivers, and members of arctic and other expeditions.

In many countries of the world, another large buyer of ready to eat individual self-heating meals (MRE) is the Ministry of Defense and Military-Naval Complex.

Self-heating meal is irreplaceable during the conduct of military trainings and peacekeeping operations, where one of the main components of the managing operation is to ensure wholesome nutrition for the troops without the involvement of external sources.

Self-heating meal is fully certified for use on the territory of Russian Federation and meets all norms of the Russian GOST, and has received expert approval from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

We always welcome new partnerships in the sphere of sustaining life in extreme conditions.


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