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For whom is this product intended

RED CROSS and CRESCENT International organization RED CROSS and CRESCENTM offer free humanitarian aid to countries experiencing a shortage of food products during major natural disasters and other natural cataclysms. One of the priorities is FOOD READY TO EAT WITH A SELF-HEATING PACKET. Our company offers samples of MRE (ready to eat individual self-heating meal) for approval for use by the Red Cross and Crescent. Samples of MRE with a logo have been sent to the central office of this organization in Switzerland, Geneva.

RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES are among the main consumers of READY TO EAT INDIVIDUAL MEALS MRE. Our company offers PORTABLE FLAMELESS HEATERS PFH to use for heating of individual meals. Technical Conditions (TC) for the heater have been set by the Ministry of Defense of RF. At a Russian Producers and Suppliers of the Russian Armed Forces show our company was awarded 2 (two) gold medals and certificates for an unprecedented Portable Flameless Meal Heater.

The structure of Government Reserves The structure of Government Reserves is extremely important to the preservation for use in unforeseen situations, and can offer all that is necessary to sustain life for all citizens. Our MRE are an ideal product for storage at the warehouses of the Government Reserve. Long term preservation without the need for low temperatures and freezing make this product unique.

Hundreds of thousands people around the world, have been saved by FOOD READY TO EAT WITH A FLAMELESS PACKET. No other sources of heat are needed just 40 milligrams of water to activate the heating element, 15 minutes and you have hot food in any place, at any time.

MRE is invaluable for use at offshore platform rigs, at gas pipe building sites, rotational work bases. Long-term preservation from 2 to 5 years without refrigerating or freezing, activation of the heating element with the simple addition of water (40 milligrams), homemade taste of ready to eat food, variety of flavors, basically, COMPLETE HOT 3X DAILY MEALS are what is needed to support a persons active life style.

United Nations Our company has been the official supplier for the United Nations since 2009. We participate in renewable tenders for the supply of READY TO EAT MEALS WITH FLAMELESS PACKETS (MRE).

We make approval-pending samples of food packets for the use of long-distance train travelers. Variety of ready to eat food menus and the possibility of heating it in a microwave oven right in the passenger car make travel time more pleasant and comfortable.

We have not forgotten TRUCK DRIVERS and AUTO LOVERS in general. We have solved the issue of hot food on the road, without stops in questionable cafes by the side of the highway. Our (MRE) Ready to Eat Individual Self-Heating Meals is intended for complete 3x daily nutrition right in your car. Hot breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot coffee and tea and coco without any additional sources of heat ONLY 40 milligrams of WATER (see instructions for heating of meals and drinks).

Hunters Hunters are a special community of people united by love of firearms will truly appreciate the possibilities opened by MRE Ready to Eat Individual Self-Heating Meals and the opportunity to drink hot coffee or tea at any time, in any place (see heating instructions).


fishing sports We have not forgotten fans of fishing sports either. READY TO EAT MEALS WITH FLAMELESS PACKETS. HOT COFFEE, TEA ALWAYS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. NO NEED TO LEAVE YOUR CATCH EVEN FOR A MINUTE. Convenient packaging and complete 3x daily hot nutrition is always with you, like a fishing accessory!

Ready to Eat Individual Self-Heating Meal "Tourist" (MRE-T) the name speaks for itself. Of course, this is an entire army of people who love to travel, go camping, enjoy nature and care for it. Take self-heating food and drinks with you. Convenient packaging, light weight, long term preservation, and no need for additional sources of heat - just 40 milligrams of water, 12 minutes and you are eating homemade hot food and drinking hot tea!


Self-heating packet to heat food ready to eat!

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